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Looking for the best day trips from Amsterdam to Bruges (Brugge)? Want to go from Amsterdam to Bruges by train? Planning on joining of of the Amsterdam tours to Bruges? Read on to find out more about the best way to travel from Amsterdam to Bruges on this Belgium travel blog.

amsterdam to bruges

About Bruges

Bruges is a stunning city and the capital city of West Flanders province. It is famous for its stunning medieval buildings, picturesque market squares, canals and cute cobbled streets. The historic center of the city is considered as UNESCO heritage and is often referred to as the ‘Venice of the North’.

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  • To Bruges – Looking for others way on how to go to Bruges? Check how to get from Hull to Bruges here.
day trips from amsterdam to bruges

Amsterdam To Bruges

There are multiple ways of transport when going from Amsterdam to Bruges. Listed below are the best ways to get from Amsterdam to Brugge.

1. Amsterdam To Bruges By Train

There are 2 options when taking the train to Bruges from Amsterdam. Taking the fast train or the slow train. The difference between the two is the travel time, travel cost and the amount of transfers that need to be made.

TIP: if you are not in a hurry and want to explore a bit more of Belgium, take a break during transfers in Ghent and Antwerp. The train stations itself are already super beautiful and the historic centers even more.

1.1 Amsterdam To Bruges By Fast Train

There is a fast train connecting Amsterdam with Brussels and Paris. The train runs every hour and is the fastest way of getting to Bruges.

  • Take the Thalys in the direction of Brussels from Amsterdam Central Station. (1h15)
  • Get off the Thalys at Antwerp Central and change to the IC train to Gent-Sint-Pieters. (1h).
  • In Gent-Sint-Pieters chang to IC train to Bruges. (20 minutes).

The whole trip takes 2h47 minutes and can be as cheap as €36 if booked online in advance. Book tickets on the official Thalys, Belgian or Dutch rail website.

amsterdam to bruges by train

1.2 Amsterdam To Bruges By Slow Train

If you are not in a hurry and want to travel on a budget then taking the slow train from Amsterdam central to Bruges is recommended. This takes only 1 hour longer than the fast train and is much cheaper, especially when bought last minute.

  • Take the IC train from Amsterdam Central to Antwerp Central train station. This is an all stop train. (1h50)
  • Get off the IC train at Antwerp Central and change to the IC train to Gent-Sint-Pieters. (1h).
  • In Gent-Sint-Pieters chang to IC train to Bruges. (20 minutes).

Prices for these trains don’t depend on the time and date, so no need to be bought in advance. Tickets can be bought upon arrival at Amsterdam Central station and cost around €30. The Thalys has free WiFi that can be used during the trip and there is a Welcome Bar where snacks and beverages can be bought.

2. Amsterdam To Bruges By Bus

Much cheaper but also slower than taking the train, going from Amsterdam to Bruges by bus is another option. There are 3 different locations in Amsterdam where the bus leaves from, namely Schiphol Amsterdam, Amsterdam Sloterdijk and Amsterdam Bijlmer. The cheapest bus ride costs €15 and takes 5h45. There are multiple buses running everyday.

The buses arrive at Bruges Central Station and most buses have free WiFi that can be used during the trip. One carry-on bag and two suitcases are allowed with each ticket. Suitcases will have to be stowed under the bus. The best website to book Amsterdam Bruges bus tickets from is Flixbus or Eurolines. Note that tickets become more expensive the closer to the travel date they are bought.

amsterdam to bruges by bus

3. Amsterdam To Bruges By Car

Getting from Amsterdam to Bruges by car is also an option. Without any traffic jams the ride should just take 2h45, which is the the same as taking the fast train. The best way is going past Utrecht, Breda, Antwerp and then straight to Bruges. The Antwerp ring road is known for having a lot of traffic jams, but if you are lucky this should be a great option.

3.1 Renting A Car In Amsterdam

If you don’t have your own car it is possible to rent a car in Amsterdam. It is even possible to drop off the car at a rental shop in Bruges instead of returning the car to Amsterdam. Renting a car for one day and returning it to the same shop costs around €55 for one day. A one day car rental and returning it to the Bruges rental shop will cost around €180. NOTE: rental costs do no include the cost of fuel. More info here.

4. Amsterdam Tours To Bruges

The next option is joining a tour to Brugge from Amsterdam. This is great if you don’t want to deal with finding your want and using public transport. The tour leaving from Amsterdam will bring you straight to Bruges and bring you back to Amsterdam in the evening (if you are going on a day trip). Listed below are some of the best Bruges day tour from Amsterdam.

All these trips include bus transfer and a guided tour guide which will be showing the most beautiful places in Bruges. During peak seasons these trips quickly sell out, make sure to book on time to ensure a spot on the bus.

amsterdam tours to bruges

5. Private Transfer

Last but not least, the private transfer. If you want to travel in style and don’t have a tight budget to stick to, then this might be a good option. The private transfer will pick you up at your accommodation in Amsterdam and drop you off in Bruges at your hotel. The driver will assist with any luggage and you will transported in a luxury Mercedes sedan or minivan with air conditioning, free WiFi and comfy leather seats.

6. Amsterdam To Bruges By Boat

Day Trips From Amsterdam To Bruges

Even though you can easily spend a couple of days in Bruges, it is possible to see the highlights in one day. There are daily bus tours leaving from Amsterdam to Bruges. Most tours include the return bus ride to Bruges from Amsterdam and a guided tour in English. Below is an overview of must things to do during your free time in Bruges. There are different tours leaving from Amsterdam, but most leave around 8 AM and arrive in Bruges at 11 AM. From then on you have the option to join the guided tour or enjoy free time in Bruges.

1. Bruges Boat Tour

A visit to the amazing Bruges is not complete without a boat tour as the city is famous for the many small canals and buildings with medieval facades. A boat tour normally last 30 minutes and runs from 10 AM – 6 PM. There are different boat tour companies offering tours but they are all quite similar. A ticket costs €10 and can be bought on site.

2. Stroll Around The Historic Center

Bruges is like an open air museum. The stunning medieval buildings, cobbled streets, horse carriages and many canals give this city a unique vibe. The most beautiful places are the Market Square, Jan Van Eyck Square, Basilica of the Holy Blood, the Burg, Belfry, Sint-Salvatorskathedraal, Church of Our Lady Bruges, Minnewater Park and the Begijnhof. Walking around the historic center can be done in less than 2 hours. If you want to know more about the history of the city, consider booking a guided tour. More info here.

3. 2be Beer Wall

Belgium is well known for their wide selection of beers and one of the most famous places to visit and try some of these beers is the 2be Beer Wall in the Wollestraat. The bar is located in a 15th century mayor’s and has 16 beers on tap which keep changing. In their shop they offer an even wider selection of beers, shirt, chocolate and other souvenirs.

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